Hello folks, I am
"Kumpis Radio"  - MØNPQ Amateur Radio Web site

I have a good experiences for catching a thief
if you need help welcome .

what can i do

Some of my hobbies.

Metal Detection

Treasure Hunter

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Essentially, like the man with the metal detector, take small steps and enjoy the hunting.

Bike Touring

summer time

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Riding bicycles will not only benefit the individual doing it, but the world at large.



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However, the masters of the technical aspects of woodcraft were not without their critics.

Amateur Radio


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Kumpis Radio is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together. People use ham radio to talk across town, around the world, or even into space, all without the Internet or cell phones. It's fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline during times of need..

thief LY3CU

catching a thiefs

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Show me a liar , and i 'll show you a thief .

Photo & Video

Air Show

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It's just a hobby.

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